Discover the Recinto Modernista complex of Sant Pau in Barcelona

The Site of Sant Pau, built between 1905 and 1930, was designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner as a suburban area for the sick. After serving for a century as a public hospital, its restored pavilions show themselves today in all their splendor. Visiting this exceptional architectural ensemble is a unique experience.

This innovative complex, the most important in Europe, is nowadays a benchmark for Barcelona’s monumental wealth, and also for its innovative spirit. The year 1997 it is declared a World Heritage by UNESCO, and its architectural and artistic value acquires a new international dimension with the new uses of the pavilions, which can offer you different perspectives for your audiovisual projects.

The different pavilions are of facade very similar to the naked eye, but they are not, the details make the difference. You will find here the ideal environment to make your audiovisual production or photographic shooting in a surprising corner of the city of Barcelona.

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Pavilion of Sant Salvador

The exhibition space of the Sant Salvador Pabellón allows you to travel through the history of medicine in Barcelona and through the history of one of the oldest health institutions in Europe: from the first hospital in El Raval in 1401, that of the Santa Creu, until the 21st century. Showcases with medical equipment and architectural elements, information panels, models and screens serve to present parts of the institution’s heritage collection.

The Pabellón de Sant Salvador is the beginnig of a route through the gardens of the complex that reproduce the city-garden model devised at the beginning of the 20th century. During the walk, you can enjoy the exterior beauty of the buildings. Domes, roofs, facades, sculptures and stained glass are the most outstanding elements. One of the first locations that you will find when entering the premises for your audiovisual production or photographic shooting.

Pavilion of Sant Rafael

In the Pabellón de Sant Rafael you will find a historical recreation of a patient room of the 20s in which visitors can learn how a pavilion of the former Sant Pau Hospital operated at the beginning of the 20th century, how the medicine was practiced in Barcelona of that time. A return to the past for your photographic shooting or audiovisual production.

Pavilion of the Immaculate

In the Pabellón de la Purísima one can observe, from the entrance only, for reasons of security, in what state the pavilions were left after almost 100 years of intensive sanitary activity.

Administration Pavilion

It dominates the access at the intersection of the San Antonio María Claret and the Cartagena street. The main entrance is oriented towards the Sagrada Familia. It is believed that the reason for this orientation was to take advantage of the wind from the sea to ventilate the hospital and safeguard it from diseases.

The access pavilion is built in various architectural styles combined in a masterly and very orderly manner as you can see in this main pavilion where you find Gothic, Neo-Gothic, Mozarabic and Germanic architectural styles, such as the clock tower. Ceilings with mosaics and marble arches will surprise for their beauty and they will be the protagonists of your audiovisual project.

The basement and corridors

The route follows a staircase that leads to a hallway with large windows and a roof so carefully detailed that it confirms the visit has been worthwhile. You can also go through the tunnels that connect the different buildings through the subsoil. Something more dismal for your audiovisual production.

In the basement it is much more sober, because this was a work area, as attested by the recreations that are projected on the walls showing parts of the old activities here. A long corridor leads to the center of the complex, in which you realize the immensity of this hospital, which overwhelms with its dimensions. From here you can go to any of the pavilions in which they treated the patients.

Concerts, conferences and acts in Sant Pau

After hosting the facilities of the Hospital de la Santa Creu and Sant Pau for a century, the whole complex has undergone one of the most ambitious heritage restoration processes of the moment, which has highlighted all its artistic wealth.

The restoration has allowed the Hospital de Sant Pau to host different acts, events and concerts of all kinds that can offer ideal opportunities to capture the location in your next audiovisual project.

This restoration, carried out under strict sustainability criteria, has equipped the pavilions with the most advanced technologies in order to enable work spaces prepared for the 21st century.

080 Barcelona

The Recinto Modernista complex has hosted the organization of 080 Barcelona Fashion, an activity that expresses the dynamism and strength of one of the most important economic and cultural sectors of our country. Modernism and modernity, architecture and fashion, a successful combination.

Olympus Perspective Playground

The Convento del Recinto Modernista has hosted the Olympus Pespective Playground, an exhibition of modern art and photography. Parallel activities and workshops were also organized within the framework of this exhibition. Another opportunity to get different images of the venue for your audiovisual production or photographic shooting.

Swing jam

Every first Sunday of the month, at 12 o’clock, the BCN Swing Association announces a swing jam in the gardens open to the participation of all visitors.

World Music Festival

Rhythms of the most diverse origins for summer nights. From June 30 to July 28, the gardens of the Recinto Modernista complex are the scene of the World Music Concerts with international artists who have made the fusion of styles and sounds the “raison d’etre” of their music.

Light show "The light of Sant Pau"

Every year the Recinto Modernista complex celebrate Christmas with La luz de Sant Pau, a light show that wants to be a bridge between heaven and earth, a moment to celebrate that the days begin to lengthen, the sun precedes the night and nature prepares to be reborn. Light, colour and music that can become essential for your audiovisual project.

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