Sant Miquel del Fai, a magical corner a little over half an hour from Barcelona

Only some 50 km away from the city of Barcelona is one of those places to fall in love with: Sant Miquel del Fai. Water, coming from the Rossinyol and Tenes rivers and also from rains and thaw, has created a unique landscape here. It has formed stalactite and stalagmite caves, curious rock formations, small ponds and beautiful waterfalls…

To the natural wealth of this environment is added the beauty of the architectural heritage of an ancient monastery that was built around the church of Sant Miquel in the 10th century. Nature and history merge into a unique location for an audiovisual production or spectacular photographic shooting.

The set of elements that make up this landscape, characterized by enormous crags, provide a remarkable and unique attraction, a unique natural space with high environmental value. Starting from next summer it will be more within everyone’s reach.

It is located between Vallès Oriental and Moianès and occupies an area of ​​70.5 hectares.

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Monastery of Sant Miquel del Fai

The group of cliffs, known as Les Cingles de Bertí, on whose slopes the monastery is suspended as if by magic, gives us a hypnotic, vertiginous and unique landscape. Architecture surrounded by nature for your audiovisual project.

The views of the Tenes waterfall leave you with your mouth open and you discover that the Monastery is hanging in the ravine, almost between heaven and earth, as sustained by an invisible hand.


The visit to Sant Miquel del Fai begins on the Plaza de la Abadía, with small canals and lagoons of thaw and rain water, filtered through the imposing rock before which the Prior’s house rises.

The building, very well preserved, is a good example of Catalan Gothic, it can serve as the background of a photographic shooting or audiovisual production. It is currently used for banquets, private meetings and business events.

Church of Sant Miquel

The church is built in a cave, with the rock itself as a roof. It is the largest rock church in the country. It has a small crypt which is accessed through a staircase located near the entrance.

The tombstones of the ancient abbots are still visible on the floor of the church. In the side chapels, practically disappeared, are two tombs. A different location for your audiovisual project.

Salto del Tenes

The great waterfall of the Tenes River is the biggest attraction of the Espai de Sant Miquel del Fai. A nice, but wet and slippery inner corridor through a cave gives us the possibility to pass just behind the waterfall.

This cave has openings to the outside of the cliff that allows us to see the waterfall and views of the valley, offering a beautiful show. Splendid views for an audiovisual production or photographic shooting.

Cave of Sant Miquel

Here we can admire formations of stalactites, stalagmites and also small lakes. It is a location with specific needs of light but that can give you great effects in your audiovisual project.

Lake of the Monges

It is hidden under a rock, on the path that passes behind the spectacular waterfall of the Tenes River and it ends near the hermitage of Sant Martí. Will you be able to locate your audiovisual production or photographic shooting here?

Cave of the Tosques

An interior route, only recommended with a guide and for agile people with no mobility difficulties, goes through a very narrow corridor inside the rock. According to parts of the route, you descend or go up by narrow stairs.

In some parts of the route there are small openings between the rocks that allow views of the valley of the river Tenes and the monastery from another perspective for your audiovisual project.

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