A walk along the Ramblas, from Plaza Cataluña to Colón

Las Ramblas de Barcelona is the most emblematic walk in the capital of Catalonia and one of the most popular ones in Europe. This popular avenue that runs between the Plaza de Cataluña and the port, over a distance of almost two kilometers, is a cheerful and cosmopolitan place, full of color that welcomes everyone with open arms.

If you are thinking about locating your next audiovisual production or photographic shooting in this busy street in the city center, keep in mind that it is usually full of people.

There are many buildings and monuments to see on the Ramblas of Barcelona, so it is not wrong to have a small guide, to not miss some of the most significant places. Are you following us?

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Plaza Cataluña

The Plaza de Cataluña is one of the largest squares in Spain, with an area of 30.000 square meters, and one of the most important places in Barcelona. It constitutes the connection between the old town and the Ensanche. Within a few steps you can radically change the location for your audiovisual project.

It is an icon in itself, although it is not exactly the most beautiful place in Barcelona. It is surrounded by some of the most emblematic shopping centers in Barcelona and its true soul lies in the children playing and feeding the pigeons, as well in its function as the usual meeting point for concerts, exhibitions and other celebrations.

Canaletas Fountain

One of the most popular fountains in Barcelona, made of cast iron at the end of the 19th century. A legend tells that whoever drinks its water, is sure to return to Barcelona. It may also work with whoever performs his audiovisual production or photographic shooting here…?

The place is also the favorite area for Barça fans to celebrate the titles of the city’s soccer club.

Flower Posts

This is the section known as Rambla de las Flores. And to honor the name you just need to take a look at the multitude of florists that we find in this part of the rambla that give a real smell and color to this part.

These stalls are very traditional and characteristic, since a century and a half ago this was the only place in Barcelona where flowers were sold. Here you will find the location with the most color for your audiovisual project.

Palace of the Virreina

One of the monumental buildings on the Rambla de Barcelona. It is a sumptuous palace with Baroque overtones. Now it serves as a place for temporary exhibitions so it is worthwhile to take a look at the building to know what is going on.

Do not forget to visit its central courtyard, which is part of the Culture Headquarters of the City of Barcelona and an ideal location for any type of photographic shooting or audiovisual production.

Mercado de la Boqueria

The Mercat de la Boqueria, officially the Mercat de Sant Josep, is one of the most iconographic food markets of Barcelona. Fruits and vegetables are usually arranged here with great elegance so that you can capture a special image in your audiovisual project.

The colorful market is a labyrinth of more than 2,500 square meters along which are located more than 300 stalls offering all kinds of products. Eggs, meat, sausages, sweets, fruit juices and so on. It is difficult to imagine any food that cannot be found in La Boqueria.

Miró mosaic

Just in front of Casa Bruno Quadros and in the Rambla de Barcelona we find a work by Joan Miró in the form of a circular mosaic. It seems that this work of art represents something like the symbol of totality and perfection, or the cosmos.

Of course, the design and color leave no doubt that it is the work of one of the most universal artists of Catalonia. A background full of art for your audiovisual production or photographic shooting.

Gran Teatro del Liceu

Opposite the Miró Mosaic is one of the most important opera houses in Europa: the Gran Teatre del Liceu. This building was reborn from its ashes after the great fire that in 1994 devastated it completely. Its acoustics seems to be one of the best in the world. Both inside and outside is a great option for the most artistic audiovisual project.

Royal Square

The Plaça Reial of Barcelona is one of the most beautiful squares in the city. The beautiful central fountain and the two splendid street lamps, works of Gaudí’s youth, do not go unnoticed. This large porticoed square is a good location for the next photographic shooting or audiovisual production.

The Plaza Reial is a uniform and porticoed space, with stately buildings, once the residences of some of the most affluent families of Barcelona, that surround it completely.

Güell Palace

One of the first buildings that a young Antonio Gaudí designed in Barcelona. It is the palace that the brilliant architect designed for what would be his patron throughout his life: Joan Güell.

It is worthwhile to enjoy the interiors of this palace. It is a sumptuous residence, but far from the particular designs that Gaudi would project for the Casa Mila or Casa Batlló, when he reached the zenith of his capacities. Good interiors for your audiovisual project.

Mimes, painters and portrait painters

It is in this final area of the Rambla, which is known as Rambla de Santa Mónica, that many of the painters, mimes and portraitists are located that delight the millions of tourists who visit the Ciudad Condal year after year.

For a few euro you can enjoy a caricature that experienced artists can outline in a few minutes. An alternative and singular environment for a photographic shooting or audiovisual production.

The Columbus Monument

The Columbus Monument is an unavoidable appointment. You can climb to its top, 57 meters high, from where you can enjoy an excellent view of Barcelona and, specifically, Las Ramblas. An ideal background for any audiovisual project based in Barcelona.

Although it has always been said that Columbus’ finger points to America, the inaccuracy of this detail is not difficult to understand, since the finger points, in fact, to the Mediterranean Sea, just in the opposite direction to America.


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