The best of the Gracia neighborhood for your audiovisual project in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a strong neighborhood culture. And one of the most charming is the Gracia neighborhood. Here we will find the greatest examples of heterogeneity that characterizes the inhabitants of Barcelona.

Convenience stores coexist in perfect harmony with boutiques of high standing, taverns with daily menus in front of restaurants worthy a Michelin star … An area where everything and everyone has a place.

The streets and squares of Gràcia give this Barcelona neighborhood its own unique personality. There is a bohemian atmosphere mixed with modernity, thanks, among others, to the independent brand clothing stores that present us the latest trends in fashion.

The monumental Plaza de la Vila de Gràcia, Plaza del Diamant, Plaza Rovira i Trias, Plaza del Sol, Plaza de la Revolució, Plaza del Raspall and many other enchanting spots full of charm are added to its famous Plaza de la Virreina, all of them perfect locations for your next audiovisual production.

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Guell park

The Park Güell is unforgettable, it is one of the most magical and monumental areas of Barcelona. There await you its famous “drac” (dragon) and the undulating forms of Gaudí ‘s trencadís bench. Forms, colors, views and nature for your photographic shooting or audiovisual production.

Casas Ramos

Casas Ramos is a modernist building with a spectacular facade decorated with floral motifs. This work was commissioned by Ricard Ramos to the architect Jaume Torres i Grau, who was able to externally link three neighboring buildings behind a common façade. Of special interest are here, for example, the central door, the decorations, especially the wrought iron bees, and the floral sgraffiti on the façade. Without doubt a spectacular location for an urban audiovisual project.

Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens is the first example of the power and talent of Antoni Gaudí. The Vicens house was the first important work he did after graduating as an architect in 1878. Finished in 1888, it contains many of the most representative elements of genius that you can capture in your audiovisual production or photographic shooting.

The facade, reminiscent of Arabic, is made with materials that the ordering party had in abundance. Although it is the work of a young Gaudí, who has not yet left the straight line, it has already some touches of audacity, especially in the towers on the corners and in the small corbels that protrude from the facade. The garden, which was originally much larger than nowadays, is closed by an iron gate that imitates the shapes of palm leaves.

Trilla House

A seventeenth-century farmhouse that reminds us that in the past many of the houses of Grace were isolated in the middle of a sea of fields. Today buildings occupy what was once cultivated area and many of the farmhouses are disappeared. It has a sundial on the main facade that now stays in the shade. Despite this, it is a good option to locate an audiovisual production or photographic shooting.

Plaza Lesseps

A whirlwind of eclectic architecture. In this charming corner halfway down the slopes that will give us access to the Park Güell, we find a magnificent example of modernist blocks of flats, an award-winning example of contemporary architecture. Choose or combine the different locations for your photographic shooting or audiovisual production.

Square of Vila de Gracia

It’s a unique place, of incalculable natural and scenic beauty, considered the second Catalan wetland in importance. The park can be discovered through well-marked and well-maintained trails.

This square is one of the neuralgic centers of the neighborhood. In it is the seat of the City Council of Gràcia and the bell tower, the only non-religious one in Catalonia. When you arrive at this place, you want to enjoy the tranquility of a square that is not exposed to traffic and designed for pedestrians. Absolute tranquility to record your audiovisual production or make your photographic shooting.

Plaza de la Revolució

It opens modest with numerous trees that refresh and shade, and leads us through the Verdi street up to the Plaza de la Virreina. It is always full of children and families who enjoy the local cafes.

This corner of Gràcia often hosts the celebration of popular events or neighborhood assemblies. It keeps also secrets like the Plaza del Diamant, with the remains of an anti-aircraft shelter built during the Civil War. Here, both on the surface as in the subsoil you will find ideal locations for your audiovisual project.

Plaza de la Virreina

Here the church of Sant Joan Baptista proudly presides and the small worker housings hide the aftertaste of what had been a small town. A total of 17 trees surrounds the central space, in which a fountain stands under the sculpture that represents the biblical character of Ruth, symbol of fidelity.

Currently, there are three terraces where you can drink and eat a snack while enjoying live music offered by spontaneous musicians. History and modernity, as the perfect environment for your next audiovisual project.

Plaza del Diamant

This square is perhaps the best known for those who do not live in or know the neighborhood because it gives name to one of the best-known novels in Catalan literature, “La plaça del Diamant” by Mercè Rodoreda. In addition, it was the scene of the film based on the novel and it involved many of the neighbors of the square as extras of the main cast.

Nowadays, it keeps a statue dedicated to the protagonist of the history of Rodoreda and is it a meeting place for the families of the neighborhood, since it has a newly renovated children’s playground. From the square you can access an anti-aircraft shelter of the Spanish Civil War. A children’s environment or a refuge for your audiovisual production or photographic shooting.

Plaza del Sol

Plaza del Sol has become over the time the ideal meeting point for the youth of the neighborhood, who fill the square at night with music and improvised party atmosphere. On sunny days it is very pleasant to sit on one of its terraces or in the center of the square to listen to some of the spontaneous musicians who perform for the strollers. Bohemian and musical atmosphere for your audiovisual project.

Plaza del Raspall

This small square located very close to the market of l’Abaceria Central is popularly known as the gypsies square. Three centuries ago the Roma community settled in the neighborhood and is currently one of the most significant cultural actors of Gràcia.

Among the gypsy communities of Gràcia, del Raval and Hostafrancs in Barcelona was born the Catalan rumba, a musical style that has been the protagonist in stages around the world and that is the hallmark of musical groups such as Sabor de Gràcia.

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